2017 Reese's Senior Bowl:

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Derek Rivers, DE,

Youngstown State


Nfl Draft Prospects

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Here you will find the latest version of our Mock Draft!


Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 19 (1/15/17)

Updated SR Bowl Invite Acceptions (1/9/17)

Uploaded Quick Snack: Bowls Pt V (1/5/17)

Added RS-W17 Rookie of the Week (1/4/17)

Uploaded Quick Snack: Bowls Pt IV (1/1/17)

Uploaded Quick Snack: Bowls Pt III (12/28/16)

Added 2016 Birmingham Bowl Coverage (12/30/16)

Added RS-W16 Rookie of the Week (12/26/16)

Updated SR Bowl Invite Acceptions (12/26/16)

Uploaded Quick Snack: Bowls Pt II (12/25/16)

Added RS-W15 Rookie of the Week (12/20/16)

Updated SR Bowl Invite Acceptions (12/19/16)

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Updated Top 100 Rankings (12/15/16)

Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 18 Pt. 2 (12/15/16)

Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 18 Pt. 1 (12/14/16)

Updated SR Bowl Invite Acceptions (12/13/16)

Added RS-W14 Rookie of the Week (12/13/16)

Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 17 (12/7/16)

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Updated SR Bowl Invite Acceptions (12/6/16)

Updated All POS RANKINGS (12/1/16)

Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 16 (11/30/16)

Added What's on Tap Week 14 (11/30/16)

Updated SR Bowl Invite Acceptions (11/29/16)

Added RS-W12 Rookie of the Week (11/29/16)

Updated SR Bowl Invite Acceptions (11/23/16)

Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 15 (11/23/16)

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Added RS-W11 Rookie of the Week (11/22/16)

Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 14 (11/17/16)

Added What's on Tap Week 12 (11/16/16)

Added RS-W10 Rookie of the Week (11/15/16)

Added 2017 SR Bowl: Skill POS Picks (11/9/16)

Uploaded The Cheap Meal Ep. 13 (11/8/16)

Added What's on Tap Week 11 (11/8/16)


2016 Birmingham Bowl:

The DFD live coverage of this year's matchup between USF and South Carolina!

During the college football season, I will watch between 10-12 games each weekend (more if it’s a holiday weekend). Each Tuesday, I will name the DFD Rookie of the Week. On Wednesday, I will list What’s on Tap for the weekend and upload our new weekly preview video called "The Cheap Meal". Also if you follow me on Twitter (@DeepFriedDraft), I will also be uploading videos through it's Periscope app. On Thursday, I will add a new DFD Recipe, update the Mock Draft, update the Top 100, or update the position rankings.

All in all, I think you will all enjoy the site updates this year.


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