The 94th edition of the East-West Shrine Game is quickly approaching. The annual all-star game will take place on Saturday, January 19th. The contest will broadcast from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida at 2 pm (CST) on NFL Network.

The Shrine Game isn’t as highly thought of like the Senior Bowl. However, this does not mean the game is bereft of prospects.

In the fourth and final part of my four-part series, I break down the WEST team defense.



Markus Jones                       Angelo State                       6'3                260
Derick Roberson                 Sam Houston State          6'4                250
Landis Durham                    Texas A&M                         6'3                255
Justin Hollins                        Oregon                                 6'5                242

Hollins has the size that you look for in a 34 outside linebacker. He had solid production for the Ducks. Durham finished his Aggie career with 17.5 sacks. It will be interesting to see if he can stand up and play in space. I have never seen Markus Jones or Derick Roberson play. However, Roberson is very interesting. He transferred from Texas. He had 15 sacks and 20.5 tackles for loss in 2018. He is definitely one to keep an eye on.


Armon Watts                        Arkansas                              6'5                298
Daniel Wise                           Kansas                                   6'2                290
Chris Nelson                         Texas                                     6'1                315
Terry Beckner                      Missouri                               6'3                305
Joel Van Pelt                         Calgary                                  6'4                260

Terry Beckner is the top guy in this group. He is an athlete in the middle. Wise and his teammate Joe Dineen (see below) were some of the few bright spots for the Jayhawks. Wise has 43 career tackles for loss and 17 sacks. Nelson is a space eater. The production numbers aren’t there but he is useful.


Joe Dineen, Jr                       Kansas                                  6'1                230
B.J. Blunt                                McNeese State                 6'1                220
Cody Barton                          Utah                                      6'2                230
Drew Lewis                           Colorado                              6'2                225
Ben Burr-Kirven                  Washington                        6'0                222

Ben Burr-Kirven has been one of the defensive leaders for Washington. He had a ridiculous 176 tackles in 2018. Cody Barton and Drew Lewis are both interesting mid-round prospects. I know some like Barton more than his teammate Chase Hansen. As I said earlier, Joe Dineen is one of the few shining stars for Kansas. He has notched 275 tackles over the last two seasons, including 32.5 TFL. I have heard some ravings about B.J. Blunt. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to see him play.


Jordan Wyatt                        SMU                                      6'0                195
Ka'Dar Hollman                    Toledo                                  6'0                190
Montre Hartage                  Northwestern                   6'0                195
Donnie Lewis                        Tulane                                   6'0                194
Jamal Peters                         Mississippi State               6'2                220
Blace Brown                         Troy                                       6'0                191

I think Blace Brown is a top-ten CB prospect in this draft and a Top-100 pick. Brown can be both a physical corner and play zone. He had eight picks coming into 2018 and teams just stopped testing him. Brown locked down Anthony Johnson in the Dollar General Bowl before Buffalo started moving him around.

Jamal Peters is an intriguing corner as well. The long athlete from Starkville has been productive during his career. Don’t sleep on Jordan Wyatt or Donnie Lewis either.


Adarius Pickett                    UCLA                                     5'11              195
Andrew Wingard                Wyoming                             6'0                207
Evan Worthington              Colorado                              6'2                210
Tyree Kinnel                         Michigan                              5'11              201
JoJo McIntosh                      Washington                        6'1                205

I believe the top prospect of this group is the well-coifed Andrew Wingard. The Wyoming safety has tremendous range and tackling ability. He also has underrated ball skills. McIntosh is rangy as well. Evan Worthington is a fabulous athlete. It seems the Colorado secondary has been pumping these guys out lately.


K                    John Baron                            San Diego State                 5'11              190
P                    Jack Fox                                  Rice                                        6'1                224
LS                  Chris Wilkerson                   Stephen F. Austin             6'2                245

That concludes the preview of the Shrine Game rosters. Stay with Deep Fried Draft for upcoming previews of the NFLPA Game and wall-to-wall coverage of the 2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl.